Tesla shares drop 5% amid stock market woes

Tesla shares are dropping 5% after the company reported a first-quarter loss.The company also reported a profit of $1.27 billion.Tesla said its net loss for the first quarter was $2.8 billion.CEO Elon Musk said in a statement that the loss was due to lower demand for the Model S sedan, which Tesla expects to ramp up production of later this […]

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You’re about to be tested by a new strain of antibiotic that’s going to be killing you

Shared folder: shared folder.shared folder shared folder share shared folder Share our strength shared folder Shared folder shared file shared folder This is an excerpt from our new book: The New Rules of the Fight Against Antibiotic Overuse and Overdoses.If you liked this, check out our new website, www.sharedfolder.com, and subscribe to our newsletter to get more tips and advice.

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Which company is the next Gilead?

A lot of people have bought shares in the company, but who will be the next CEO?Share prices have jumped in recent weeks, and some are buying the stock because the company is poised to get more value.The share price of Gilean’s stock, which is currently around $5.40, has soared since the end of October, to more than $10.80 a […]

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