The perfect Disney gif for the #BBWWwife shared on Twitter

Disney has shared a photo of two of its most beloved animated princesses, Sherry Jackson and Bumblebee, kissing.The photo, posted to Twitter by @SharonBuckley on Saturday, shows Jackson and her sister Bumblebees face-to-face, with a caption reading “It’s the best #BBFWmarriage I’ve ever seen.”Bumblebee and Sherry’s kiss is captioned “it was the best.”Jackson, who is best known for her role […]

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How to play Minecraft on the iPad: Tips and tricks

Share Share The game, which is free to download on both Apple and Android, is set in an alternate universe, and players can explore it in different ways.Players can build and upgrade homes, build and craft houses, and build and farm animals and plants to build their own farms.They can also build and customize their own home, but the game […]

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