Facebook shares, Google share price fall to $50.60 as new ride share program hits roadblock

Share this article Facebook shares hit a new low of $50 on Tuesday as more rideshare companies began to struggle with the launch of a new ride sharing program that threatens to shut down ridesharing companies.The shares were down $1.70, or 0.1%, to $51.96 in late trading.Google shares were up $1, or 1.6%, to close at $67.93.Uber said its ride […]

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How to get a gig on gig sharing platform gig.co.jp

GigaOm Share is launching a gig sharing service in Japan on Friday that aims to help its members and their partners get gigs on gig.Co., the popular gig sharing site that lets users share their rides and ride requests across various gig-sharing services, is launching the gig sharing app GigaGo on Friday.GigaGo will allow users to share rides and requests […]

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