What the price of a new book might mean for you in 2018

The price of books has changed a lot since 2018.The biggest jump has been for the Kindle, with prices now starting at around $3.99.But if you’re just looking for books on the Kindle for reading, you might be better off looking for a digital version, which can range anywhere from $1.99 to $2.99 per page.So the next time you’re tempted […]

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Which Apple shares are most vulnerable to a big hack?

Share this article Share Apple shares have been hit with a fresh wave of hack attacks, after reports of a possible data breach.Key points:Apple’s shares have suffered a significant drop in the past few months following reports of an data breachApple shares have plummeted from a peak of $5.60 to $3.89 in the last 12 monthsDespite these declines, the shares […]

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