What is it like to be a transgender person living in the UK?

It was a Sunday morning, the same day that the UK’s Prime Minister, Theresa May, announced that transgender people could use the NHS to receive gender-confirming surgery.That news sparked a backlash, with many online calling it transphobic, and with some calling it “transphobic” and “anti-trans” hate speech.That was only the beginning of the debate, however.A trans person is someone who […]

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How to use an anonymous search engine to find a shared file

Source: The Lad, January 4, 2017.The anonymous search engines of today, as well as today’s digital sharing platforms, are the ones that allow us to browse the web and find other people’s files.These tools were invented by the internet itself and the web is where the technology of the internet is at its best today.The anonymity of the sharing of […]

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