Alibaba shares are going to fall $1 billion in three days

Alibaba shares will fall in the next few days as traders expect the company to raise new revenue in the months to come, Reuters reported on Friday. Shares of the Chinese online giant, which has a market capitalization of $66.3 billion, dropped $1.7 billion in early trading on Friday, the report said. The fall came as the company raised $2 billion in […]

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Inside the Inside Story of Alibaba’s Biggest Stock Market Bust

Share prices of Alibaba and its peers dropped sharply Monday, sending the tech giant’s market value tumbling more than $1 billion.The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed down 9.34 points, or 0.4%, to 19,879.10, the S&P 500 finished down 1.43 points, OR 0.39%, to 2,532.21 and the Nasdaq Composite fell 3.09 points, 0.53%, to 5,976.03.Shares of rival Alibaba fell 4.69 points, […]

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