A quick look at some of the new features and hardware features of the iPhone X, including a new color option, new front-facing camera, and a redesigned Home button.

As with most new devices, Apple’s flagship iPhone X will likely be available for purchase at retail and in retail stores, as well as online at Apple’s site for $999 and up.

There are a couple of notable differences in this review, though.

First, while the iPhone 8 Plus will come in a black and white option, the iPhone 7 Plus is currently available in a white model with a white display, but that’s a cosmetic change rather than a major one.

The new iPhone X has a much larger 5.7-inch display with a 5:2 aspect ratio, which is larger than the iPhone 6s’ 5.5-inch screen, but smaller than the 6s Plus.

That makes the iPhone 9 Plus, which comes in a 5.9-inch version, look larger than its 6s sibling.

The iPhone X also has a new “Fluid Design” feature, in which the screen is curved to allow for a more rounded design when viewing photos or videos.

It’s not a new feature, but the feature is more prominent on the iPhone and iPhone X compared to the 6 and 6 Plus.

Apple’s new color options for the iPhone include the iPhone Blue and iPhone Red.

The iPhone Blue has a black version and the iPhone Red has a white version, though it’s not clear whether either color has been confirmed for retail.

The only confirmed color option for the 6 Plus is a black one.

Both the iPhone Plus and the 9 Plus are now available for $499 and up, with the latter having a $10 discount on top of the regular price.

The iPhones 6s and 6s Max, on the other hand, will remain unchanged.

With the iPhone Pro, Apple will begin selling a larger iPhone X in a wider variety of colors.

The phone will come with the Black version of the camera app as well, and it will have a 5-inch, 566 x 480 OLED screen, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and dual rear speakers.

It’ll also feature a 5MP front-camera with a new autofocus sensor.

It’s also worth noting that the iPhone 10, the company’s first iPhone with a 3D OLED display, is still available at $1,000.

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