Airbnb has had a tumultuous few months.

On January 31, 2017, the company went into a tailspin after the Chinese government announced it was banning its services in China.

The company’s stock has lost almost 60% of its value since then.

The stock has also been severely hit by a series of attacks against the company.

The worst hit was the March 5th attack on the company that resulted in the deaths of six people.

A week later, in April, the Chinese Government announced that it would ban Airbnb from operating in the country.

On April 2nd, a group of investors, led by tech billionaire Yuri Milner, announced a plan to buy the company, but a deal has not yet been finalized.

With the Chinese ban on Airbnb, the startup faced the worst financial crisis since its inception.

Airbnb’s stock is now trading at $4,867.00 per share, or roughly $4.5 billion.

With all of the controversy surrounding the company’s recent actions, it is easy to see why Airbnb is worth as much as it is.

When it is not at its most valuable, the value of a star becomes a little less obvious.

In reality, stars are worth a little more than one dollar.

So, is the value Airbnb?

It depends.

What is Airbnb worth?

The value of the company depends on two factors.

The first is the company and its shareholders, who can control the company through voting and dividend.

The second is the price of shares of Airbnb.

As of April 4, the share price of Airbnb was $4.,800.00, which means the price per share of Airbnb is $4 per share.

So the value per share for Airbnb is approximately $4 billion.

That is a big deal because it is a lot of money.

To put this in perspective, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is currently at its highest level in over a decade at 2,095.92, which is $8,857.50 per share (not including dividends).

The average for 2017 is currently $24,569.00.

So if Airbnb is valued at $1 billion, the number of shares is $3.3 billion.

The average number of share holders for Airbnb in 2017 was 1,722.92.

So at the end of April, there were over 1.7 billion shares outstanding.

That means that there are 1.5 million people who own shares of the startup.

That number of people equals approximately $5.2 billion.

So for the entire year, Airbnb is currently worth $4billion.

This is an incredibly large number.

The next question is how much would the value be if Airbnb was worth $1,000,000.

If the company were worth $200 million per share in today’s dollars, then the total value of shares would be approximately $6.2 trillion.

But the value is not even close to that.

This number is much more modest.

The value per shares of Google, Facebook, and Apple is roughly $10 billion.

In 2017, those companies collectively generated over $1.4 trillion in revenue.

So Google alone is worth $6 trillion, while Facebook alone is valued between $2.5 trillion and $2 trillion (not counting dividends).

So if the value were $200 billion per share it would be worth about $400 billion.

This means that Google alone would be valued at approximately $600 billion.

Google is not the only company with a very high valuation.

For example, Tesla, Amazon, Microsoft, and Yahoo have all received large valuations over the past few years.

But they are by no means the only companies with huge valuations.

Amazon, for example, is valued over $300 billion.

These companies have been valued for years.

For this reason, it would make sense to look at the valuations of the companies that Airbnb has recently been valued against.

This list includes companies like Twitter, Netflix, and eBay, all of which are valued at over $200 per share each.

There are many more companies that have been undervalued than Airbnb.

One way to measure the valuation of an asset is to look for a correlation between its market price and the price it would have to pay for it.

The correlation is between the two.

For Airbnb, this correlation is .97.

For Google, it’s .99.

This tells us that Airbnb’s market value is approximately two times as high as Google’s.

Airbnb is the number one company in the world.

It has a valuation of $1 trillion.

Google has a market value of $250 billion.

Facebook has a value of over $400 million.

Apple has a fair value of under $300 million.

But Airbnb has a high valuation of over three times as much.

That’s a lot.

It is a very, very strong company.

But what does this mean for the future?

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