Share in Spanish, the language of the Bible, is still the most widely spoken and preferred form of communication in the United States. 

But if you’re a follower of the American news media, or even if you just happen to be an American citizen, it’s now possible to see your favorite American news sites in Spanish. 

It may be news to you that Google Translate isn’t as accurate as it once was, but you might not be aware of how many of your favorite websites are now in Spanish (or English). 

According to Google, “over 70% of the world’s internet traffic is in English.” 

So it’s no surprise that the American News Network (ANN) has begun translating articles into Spanish for some of their readers. 

The news network is translating The New York Times articles into the Spanish language for its viewers, and other websites have been following suit. 

For example, you may have seen the article on the rise of Donald Trump on the popular website The Verge. 

You might also have noticed a new feature for The Verge readers to share articles to their Facebook friends, like this one. 

When you share an article on The Verge, you can also click on a “Share” icon on the top right corner of the page to share the article directly to Facebook. 

However, some articles may not be available in English. 

So, if you see a story in Spanish on your news site, click on “Edit” on the article and check the box next to the language you want to use for sharing. 

Then, click “Save”. 

You’ll then be presented with a screen that shows you the language used for sharing, as well as the article in Spanish and the source article that you’re using for the sharing.

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