Share this article Share The world’s most powerful supercar is now made in an industrial park in the heart of China.

The SuperCab is a massive three-tonne supercar that has been sitting unused for more than a year, and was originally designed to go from zero to 60 in around five minutes.

However, it took four years of development and countless tests and revisions to finally get it to the final form and specifications that were required.

The vehicle was built in Shanghai, where the Chinese Government is building the country’s first skyscraper, but was originally meant to be assembled in a factory outside the city.

“This is not a production car, it’s an experimental prototype and we’re building it in Shanghai,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk told reporters.

“So I would say that we have the highest level of manufacturing capacity in the world.”

The car has been described as a “dream car”, as it has no external combustion engine, instead using batteries that are stored in an internal combustion engine.

“It’s not just a prototype, it is a testbed for an entirely new architecture,” said Musk.

The car is designed to run on its own hydrogen fuel, but is also able to be powered by a range of energy sources, including wind, solar and geothermal.

Tesla said it has been testing the car since June.

“We are testing the vehicle and have built the battery for the first time in our Shanghai factory,” said Tesla spokesperson Sam Fink.

“At this point in time we have not yet seen any of the energy that the battery can store or the power that the car can generate.”

There have been some setbacks in the design.

The engine in the car cannot produce enough power to run the car, but the team hopes that this will change as they build the vehicle more.

The battery is also designed to take up to 200 kilometres on a single charge, making it a bit more efficient than the typical gas-powered supercar.

However there are a number of limitations to the car.

Its range is only 40 miles, making the battery impractical for most road trips.

“The only way we could actually make this work on the road would be to make it lighter and to use the car in a very low-cost, very low emissions way,” said Fink, referring to Tesla’s electric cars.

“That would make it incredibly competitive with cars made by big European companies.”

However the car is also the first car that the team has designed and built in the UK.

Tesla is currently developing a range that will be comparable to a Nissan Leaf, but it is unclear when the car will be ready for market.


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