The party’s 2020 election effort is in a precarious position as it struggles to find its footing.

| AP Photo GOP’s 2020 electoral strategy in crisis The party is in desperate need of a major shakeup, which could mean a new leader or a new party.

| The Washington Times | The Associated Press | The Hill | The Wall Street Journal The 10 big stories that shaped the week in politics.1.

Democrats face a stark choice: build a progressive agenda to win or fade out of politics.

Republicans are in no position to do either.

| POLITICO The GOP’s ‘war on women’: How the fight over women’s reproductive rights has transformed the party.2.

A few key GOP donors, including billionaire casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, will be on the ballot in 2018.

The party may struggle to recruit enough moderate voters and win over independents.

| NBC News | Politico | Bloomberg Politics | USA Today3.

Trump is likely to win Florida, Pennsylvania, and Iowa — but not Ohio, North Carolina, or Florida.

He’ll need to do better in those states to keep up with Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

| USA TODAY The race to win the White House in 2020 will be decided by Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida.

| Washington Post | NBC Washington4.

The midterm elections are shaping up as a crucial test of Trump’s ability to win a majority of the Electoral College.

| Politico The GOP must turn its focus to the Senate and try to win back the House, and the party must address the opioid crisis.5.

Democrats need to focus on their health care agenda and focus on building a stronger coalition than they had in the 2016 election.

| ABC News | Bloomberg | USA News | The Guardian6.

The 2018 midterms will be an important test of how Trump can govern in 2020.

| Bloomberg The 2018 midterm elections will be the party’s first test of whether Trump can build a coalition.

| CBS News | CNN The 2018 elections will determine whether the GOP can build on its base to win House seats and hold on to seats in the Senate.

| CNN PollThe 2018 midterm election will determine if Trump can hold onto power and secure a majority in the House.

| Reuters The 2018 Midterms will determine the party and its future.7.

The Senate will be a test of the GOP’s ability not only to keep control of the Senate, but also whether it can take on the Democrats.

| CNBC The 2018 Senate race will be closely watched for signs of a party’s shift to the left.

| Fox News The 2018 election will test the GOP on the left — and its ability to turn a majority against its former president.8.

Republicans have an opening to gain Senate control — but they need to be careful about what they say about the president.

| MSNBC The 2018 congressional elections will test whether the party is on the right track.

| Business Insider The 2018 House elections will help determine the fate of the Republican majority in Congress.9.

Democrats are poised to do more than just pick up seats in 2018 — they’ll be picking up seats and expanding their base.

| NYT The 2018 Congressional elections will show how far the party has come from the party of President Trump.

| Time The 2018 legislative elections will also test the party on the far right.10.

The 2020 election will be crucial for the party, but the 2018 midterm elections will offer a glimpse into what it is able to do in 2020 if it continues to focus its efforts on building an ambitious, diverse coalition.

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