Microsoft Corp. is down $14 to $19.90 on the Nasdaq, its worst one-day decline since it posted a $21.00 loss on Feb. 23, according to FactSet data.

Microsoft shares dropped as much as 7% on Tuesday, as investors continued to fret about the company’s future and investors continued their efforts to find a new buyer for the $4.5 billion it has spent to acquire LinkedIn Inc., one of the most successful technology companies in history.

Shares fell more than 7% to $21 in the trading session, the worst one day decline since Microsoft reported a $20.60 loss on Jan. 27, 2014.

Shares are down more than 6% from a record $25.60 last June.

The Nasdaq Composite Index SPX, +0.32% dropped 2.4% to 7,819.20.

Shares of Inc. AMZN, +1.54% dropped $1.80 to $69.90.

Shares in Apple Inc. AAPL, +2.10% fell $0.85 to $71.05.

Shares at Facebook Inc. FB, -0.12% dropped 1.5% to about $90.00.

Shares on the NASDAQ fell 0.9% to an all-time low of $19,966.

Shares declined 1.4%, to $51,634.

Microsoft has lost $9.6 billion since it began selling shares on April 1.

Its stock price dropped more than 8% during the year.

The company is also battling to convince investors that it has the technology and money to turn around the business it has been losing to rivals like Google and Facebook.

Microsoft is seeking to buy LinkedIn, but some companies are still considering their options.


Inc. YHOO, +3.18% said Tuesday it was weighing its options for the online social network.

Yahoo has raised $20 billion in cash and stock in its initial public offering.

Twitter Inc. TWTR, +7.28% said it was considering buying Twitter Inc., though no deal has been announced.

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.

BABA, +6.37% has also explored buying Twitter.

The stock fell 2.7% to more than $27 a share on Tuesday.

Apple’s AAPL lost 0.6% to close at $70.20 after posting a record quarterly profit.

The smartphone maker said its iPhone business was operating at its fastest pace since 2012, fueled by the launch of the iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone XR smartphones.

Shares were down $1, or 3%, on the day.

Shares for Netflix Inc. NFLX, -2.06% dropped more $8 to close down 2.3% at $58.95 after posting revenue of $3.6bn.

Shares closed down more $3, or 2%, on Tuesday at $50.05 per share.

Shares slid 7% at the close.

Twitter is still looking for a buyer for its $20-billion acquisition of LinkedIn.

Shares dropped 7% in the session, as more investors were concerned about the future of the company and the company was still searching for a new owner.

Microsoft said Tuesday that it would consider bidding for LinkedIn, with the company also discussing an offer to buy Twitter.

Shares rose $5.75, or 4%, to close up $8.88.

Apple is still considering a sale to Twitter after announcing in February that it is looking to acquire the company.

Facebook is also considering a takeover of Twitter.

Microsoft’s shares were also down in a volatile day Tuesday as investors questioned the future for the company as it faces its biggest challenge in the years ahead.

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