You may have heard of the GIFCapture plugin.

It allows you to capture an image in a new way.

Here are a few tricks to make your GIF capture easier.


You can use multiple images in the same GIF.

This can save time and effort when trying to get the most out of your GIF.

For example, you can add a second image to your GIF when you want to capture a new action or emotion.


You have the ability to change the size and position of your captured GIF.

You may want to make it smaller or larger depending on the size of your gif.


You will be able to save and share your captured image.

You’ll have the option to save the GIF to your camera roll or to share it online.


You won’t need to open your browser to capture the GIF.

With the GIF capture plugin, you’ll be able upload your GIF to Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr.

It’s a great way to capture your creative moments and share them with the world.


You could use the GIF captured to create new content or use it as a learning tool.

You might use the image to make a video about an event or to use it for a blog post.

You also might share your GIF with your friends.

It could be used to make an interactive GIF that makes the audience laugh.


You’re able to use the plugin to capture animated GIFs.

It is also a great tool for capturing a series of animated GIF clips.


You don’t need the help of a professional to capture GIFs, but you do need to be able use the tools to capture them.

You need to have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.


You get to save your captured video and share it with your Facebook friends.

You should be able share it via Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.


You aren’t limited to one device.

You are able to capture and share multiple images on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

If you’re using your iPhone or iPad to take a photo, you should also be able capture a GIF.


You know that GIF is your friend.

You’ve got friends, family, and even the whole world watching your GIFs as they happen.

You want to share your experience with them, right?

Here are some other cool things you can do with the GIFcapture plugin: 1.

Create a new animated GIF on the fly.

You capture a series (or all of them) of images in one go and then you can capture multiple images of the same action or event.

2, You can create a custom animated GIF.

It may look like a bunch of random images but they are just that.

You add new lines to the image and then make it animated.

3, You’re free to share the GIFs on your favorite social media sites.

You choose which sites you want your GIF clips shared on. 4, You could create your own animated GIF by taking the photo, then adding text and graphics and editing it with a text editor.

5, You have more options to customize the look and feel of your animated GIF videos.

You do not need to download the plugin.

6, You get the ability of using your own image in your animated gifs.

You select the background, size, and position.

7, You also have the power to edit the image.

This is something that you can only do with a professional.

8, You are also able to add captions and titles to your animated and animated GIF clip.

9, You don-t have to be a professional or have the skills to create your GIF clip in the first place.

You simply need to set up the GIFCapture plugin and upload the image you want.

10, You won-t need to worry about how to capture or manage the image that you capture.

The plugin will automatically create an image for you.

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