Apple on Wednesday denied reports it had launched a “war” against the US, and argued that it would “continue to support US technology and products”.

“We continue to support the US in this important dispute and will continue to promote our products and services in the US,” Apple said in a statement.

The US has filed an antitrust complaint against Apple in India.

It said Apple had unlawfully monopolised two key areas of its mobile phone business, as well as a technology and patent licensing deal with the Indian government.

Apple’s Indian unit has denied the allegations and said the US has “no evidence of a monopoly”.

It also said it has been “supportive” of Indian firms and “supportful of innovation”.

It was not immediately clear if the complaint would be successful in the courts.

Apple was the top smartphone vendor in the world last year, according to comScore, but the US is now second with nearly a quarter of the market.

Apple has also been accused of restricting innovation and slowing down the development of smartphones.

In September, a US federal judge dismissed Apple’s antitrust claim, ruling that the US’s patent system was not designed for monopolistic behaviour.

A separate case is currently in India, and the court will determine whether to allow it to proceed.

“The case is being heard in a manner that is consistent with the US courts’ approach to pending claims,” Apple’s statement said.

The case involves a patent held by India’s Intellectual Property Department (IPD), which has filed lawsuits against Apple.

Apple accused the IPD of using the patent to force Apple to pay $3.3bn in damages, but in September the Indian Supreme Court said Apple’s claims did not qualify.

Apple said it “remains confident” that India will uphold its patent claims.

“We are reviewing our position with the IID and will update this article as it becomes available,” Apple added.

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