Titans’ DeMarco Murray is the most decorated player in the NFL, but he’s not the most popular.

The Titans are in a similar position as the Eagles, where their quarterback is one of the most beloved in the league.

It’s not just the name on the team jerseys that has him popular, it’s the way he plays.

That makes him one of just three players in the past five years with more than 200 carries for 1,000 yards and three touchdowns, according to ESPN Stats & Info.

DeMarco is not just a dynamic runner or a big receiver, either.

He has a very unique ability to be a ball-carrier.

Murray’s rushing average of 4.7 yards per carry was second in the game last season, behind only Aaron Rodgers.

His touchdowns were also second to Rodgers.

In 2016, Murray was the second-highest-scoring running back in the history of the league, behind Green Bay’s Eddie Lacy.

The difference is that he has a more difficult time running with the ball in his hands.

He finished second to the Green Bay running backs in receiving yards per game last year.

He also finished among the top 10 in touchdowns per game (19.7), receptions per game (.936), rushing yards per attempt (7.2) and total touchdowns (12).

Murray was a two-time All-Pro, and he’s one of only two players in league history to finish with more receptions than touchdowns, and one of four players in NFL history to win a Super Bowl.

Murray has a unique combination of speed and athleticism, which makes him a natural fit for a passing offense.

The Eagles used Murray to be the No. 1 option, and they finished with the second fewest sacks (5.8).

They were third in the NBA with an average of 2.3 sacks per game, but they were one of two teams in the NFC East to have a lower total of sacks per passing attempt (4.4).

Murray is a better pass-catcher than the Eagles’ defense allowed in 2016, but his lack of size and speed make him a mismatch for any defense.

Murray could end up playing behind an explosive offensive line, which would help his stock in the running game.

If Murray was to move back to his more traditional role, he would need to add weight.

He averaged 6.7 pounds per game in 2016 and could be in line for a 5-foot-11, 205-pounder.

But his physical tools are still very good, and Murray would likely be better off playing behind a more traditional quarterback like Russell Wilson.

Murray is also a very good blocker.

He was tied for the league lead with five sacks and tied for third with 10 tackles for a loss last season.

The biggest question with Murray is his lack, or inability, to protect the football.

Murray finished second in adjusted sack rate last season and tied with the Packers’ Jared Allen for the third-most sacks allowed.

But he was second to only Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers with a passer rating of 109.1.

He allowed five sacks to be completed in the pocket, and only three sacks to the quarterback.

The fact that he also finished tied for sixth in the AFC with five forced fumbles is encouraging, but there are a lot of things that could go wrong.

Murray will be playing with a talented offensive line that could be an asset for his team.

The front seven was very productive in 2016.

The offensive line was the best in the entire league in rushing, passing and total yards.

The line was second only to the Seahawks’ Russell Wilson and the Bengals’ A.J. Green.

But the line has struggled to get the ball out quickly.

That’s a problem for Murray, who finished last in the position in 2016 with just 15.6 yards per rush and 14.2 yards per pass attempt.

He is a poor receiver out of the backfield.

Murray was one of six players in history to have three or more seasons of 30 or more receptions, 50 or more yards receiving and 60 or more receiving yards.

He had his best season with the Titans, but injuries to Michael Floyd and Jeremy Maclin have slowed Murray down in the two seasons since.

Murray might need to work on improving his accuracy and decision-making.

His first two seasons in the Titans system were inconsistent, and that has not improved in 2017.

Murray also is not a very accurate quarterback.

He completed just 26.5 percent of his passes for 4,919 yards and 16 touchdowns last season despite completing a league-high 74.4 percent of those passes.

He missed the final two games of last season because of a hip injury, and it is possible that he will be sidelined again in 2017 if he cannot play at a high level.

Murray still has a lot to prove in 2018.

He will have to prove he is not one of those players who has to carry the team, or he will not get a

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