Share this article Share What you need to know about: Costco shares are currently trading below $55, but this has now changed.

The company said it expects to sell an additional 3.5 million shares over the next year.

Aldi shares are trading at a discount of around $4, a slight reduction from its peak of $6, a loss that the company has said is due to the effects of the European Central Bank’s decision to keep interest rates low.

Tesco shares are at a premium of around 6 per cent, a little more than half the premium that it enjoyed at the start of the year.

The Sainsburys shares have risen about 4 per cent since the start.

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The latest earnings report was released in London on Friday and showed that the Sainsburgs were enjoying the best year of any UK retailer, posting sales of nearly £2 billion, or more than $2.2 billion.

But the retailer reported a loss of £4.2 million, a drop of almost £3.5 billion compared with the previous year.

In contrast, Tescom reported a profit of £3 billion, a reduction of almost 10 per cent compared with last year. 

 The company has already said that it will cut staff and reduce the size of its retail operation by 25 per cent to make way for its $7 billion acquisition of online retailer H&M in 2021. 

The Sainsburghs have been in the spotlight in recent months for their handling of the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire in Kensington and Chelsea in May, in which at least 77 people died and hundreds more were injured. 

Read more: The supermarket chain said it would reduce its workforce to more than 600, and had also cut its prices, though the company said that was due to increased demand from shoppers. 

What you need read about: “The outlook for 2019 has not been good for the UK as a whole, but the impact of Brexit has been most severe for Sainsbourg and the Sursons and for the retailers across the country,” Sainsons chief executive Peter Scholl said in a statement.

“We are committed to building a strong brand and a solid business that is competitive and sustainable for the long term.

We have a number of opportunities ahead of us and our focus is on the long-term sustainability of our business.” 

 Tesco shares have soared more than 4 per, or about £4, since the beginning of the week.

The stock has gained over 1 per cent in the past 12 months, but it has not risen in price since September 2015.

Aldo shares are up more than 6 per, but fell more than 1 per, to £4 a share. 

Sainsburys shares are down about 6 per. 

How to buy shares in the S&amp=&ampgt share price: NBN is now the biggest retailer in the world, and the latest quarterly results showed that sales rose 8 per cent year on year to £13.4 billion.

The shares are now trading at $59, a gain of nearly 5 per cent over the previous quarter. 

Nordstrom has the highest share price of any US retailer, but its shares have fallen more than 9 per cent this year, which is more than double that of rival Gap. 

Banks have taken a beating, with some smaller banks down to under 30 per cent market share.

The Standard & Poor’s 500 index of large US banks fell 6.7 per cent.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has lost 3 per cent of its value in the same period, and has fallen more by more than 15 per cent so far this year.

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