By Emma Lee, News (CNNMoney) — If you’re a fan of the pizza chain Papa John’s, then the news has got you hyped for the upcoming release of “Papa Johns Pizzagate.”

But if you’re not a fan, then maybe you should reconsider.

First, let’s talk about the pizza conspiracy theory that has been spreading for months.

On June 2, a pizza delivery driver in Connecticut delivered a package containing “a bag of crack cocaine” to a pizza restaurant in Connecticut.

It was reported that the deliveryman had been fired for his role in the delivery, and that police found the drugs hidden in the package in the back seat of his car.

PapaJohns has since denied that the drugs in the pizza were on the delivery and has apologized for the incident.

The company also announced a new food policy for pizza delivery drivers that includes an anti-drug policy.

The pizza delivery incident prompted a slew of other news stories about PizzaGate, with the PizzaGate Twitter account making headlines. and CNNMoney UK have both tracked the Pizzagate tweets, and the articles on the Twitter accounts have included many of the same claims.

In one story, a Pizzagate conspiracy theorist tweeted that PizzaGate was “a new, real life, Pizzacatastrophe, the real story behind PizzaGate.”

The PizzaGate account, which has been active since June, tweeted, “The real story is not the Pizza, but the Pizzas.

#PizzaGate #PizzasRevenge #ProudToBeAPapa”A number of PizzaGate tweets have focused on a story about an ex-Papa Joe employee who was fired for posting on social media about being a Pizzapalooza promoter.

In June, a former employee of Papa Joe’s posted on Twitter about a trip he took with his family and his wife to Pizzapella.

He said that while he was there, he was asked to “play a joke on some Pizzamaniacs” by a man in a white suit who asked, “Can I get you a pizza?”

The man, who said he was “furious about” the Pizzaagate story and told the former employee to leave, told him that Pizzagate was happening and he needed to go back home.

The man also tweeted about an event in Italy in which he said he had a “fun day” with his wife, and “got to eat a pizza.”

He said he got a pizza from a pizzeria in Naples that had been ordered by a Papa Joe employee and had “some spicy pepperoni and some pizza.”

PapaJoe’s did not respond to CNNMoney’s request for comment on this story.

Pizzagate is still trending on Twitter, and there are more than 2,500 PizzaGate accounts on the social media site.

A spokesperson for Papa Joe did not immediately respond to a request for comments.

In some cases, Pizzagate theories are spreading far beyond PizzaGate.

In late May, a fan-made video featuring a Pizzaagate theme song and a pizza with a picture of a man dressed as a clown and a woman dressed as the Joker was posted on YouTube.

The video, which was created by a fan and called “Pizza Gate,” featured a man with a mask and a gun wearing a clown mask.

The video gained more than 1.5 million views on YouTube, and was shared by dozens of Pizzagate-themed Twitter accounts, including @PapaJoesCreeps, @Pizza_Joes, @jamesbruce, @JohnSavageJr, and @Savage_Says.

Other PizzaGate videos that are not from PizzaGate have included a Pizza Gate-themed parody video of a Pizza Bell being sold and a video of an “old man with guns” shooting at a pizza shop.

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