The Dow Jones Industrial Average has climbed more than 30% since its recent record low. 

Investors are also turning to the technology sector for a boost. 

Apple Inc, the world’s biggest smartphone maker, has surged 11% to a record $3.6 billion. 

Google Inc has surged 15%, to $3,924.10. 

Facebook Inc has soared 6%, to a new record $20.7 billion.

These stocks are the top stocks for those seeking to buy into the next wave of tech.

What are the biggest stock bubbles of the past week?

The Dow Jones industrial average has risen 30% over the past four weeks.

The S&P 500 index is up more than 3%.

The Nasdaq Composite index is down more than 2%.

What stocks to buy?

The stock market is in a bubble. 

The Dow is up nearly 1% this week.

Google has surged more than 25% this year. 

Microsoft Corp has risen more than 6% this season. 

Twitter Inc has risen 16% this time around. 

Amazon has surged nearly 25% over that time. 

Tesla Inc has gained more than 12%.

What stock bubbles are the next?

Wall Street is in the midst of a market correction. 

Oil prices have dropped over 70% this month. 

Global stocks have fallen by nearly $1 trillion in value over the last six months. 

Gold is down over 7%. 

Emerging markets stocks are down over 12%. 

S&amp:  The Dow has risen 31% over last five years. 

Nasdaq:  S&amps shares are up more. 

Billionaire Warren Buffett has been a major investor in tech stocks. 

What stock bubble are the rest of us in? 

Apple, which has grown by more than 60% this past year, is up 30%. 

Facebook, which surged 15% in 2017, is now up more, up over 50%. 

Google, which was worth $4.8 billion in January, is down 11%. 

Amazon, which rose almost 25% in 2018, is on a tear. 

Netflix, which is down almost 30%, is up 15%. 

Tesla, which soared 15% last year, now is up by nearly 50%.

What tech stocks are poised to rise this week over the next 12 months?

Apple is soaring. 

It has been up more in the past two months than it did during the same time last year.

Its shares have climbed nearly 50% this decade. 

YouTube is on the rise. 

Snapchat has soared this year and has surged by over 100%. 

Twitter, which launched a $3 billion paywall for video content, is a leader in the social network space. 

Uber, the ride-hailing company, is making huge inroads into cities across the US. 

Zappos, which creates clothing and accessories, is booming. 

All of these are among the most popular retail chains, and all are surging in value. 

Is there a tech bubble? 

The market is not in a “bubble” yet. 

However, there are a few big names who are already at or near the top of the list. 

Tech stocks are at their highest level in five years, with Apple and Facebook at the top. 

And Facebook has been at the forefront of the tech revolution, thanks to its new AI technology, artificial intelligence, and the acquisition of WhatsApp. 

Are tech stocks priced too high? 

Tech companies are not cheap to buy. 

They are often overpriced, and they are also risky. 

As a result, investors tend to focus on smaller companies. 

But they are growing, and more companies are popping up. 

So it’s hard to say that there is a bubble in tech. 

Which stocks to avoid? 

Some of these stocks are risky, and others are more affordable. 

For example, Amazon is now cheaper than Google, and shares have surged. 

Similarly, Microsoft is not cheap, and its shares have fallen. 

These companies are also not necessarily the best bets for growth. 

Other companies, like Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Tesla, are not as cheap. 

There are also more companies that are growing. 

If you are looking to buy tech stocks, consider companies like Apple and Microsoft that are already growing, or companies like Twitter, Uber, and Zappos that are on the upswing. 

Do you need a stock tracker? 

If your goal is to track the price of your investments, then it’s not as important to look at the price at the start of the week as it is on an ongoing basis. 

You can use a stock price tracker like VIX.

V, the Dow Jones S&aprof Average, or an ETF. 

How to avoid the stock bubble?

Investors have been pouring into tech stocks over the course of the last two months, and

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