If you’re in the UK or the US, you’re probably familiar with Skype’s new SkyDrive.

If you’ve never used it before, you should know it’s a free app that lets you share your files from your phone or tablet to SkyDrive, so you can access them from anywhere.

The app is available to download from the Apple App Store, Google Play and the Google Play store in the US and Canada.

Here, I’ll show you how to use the SkyDrive app to share from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, and how to add files and folders to it from within Skype.


Open Skype from your Apple or Google Play Store app.

If it’s not open, click Settings to open it.

Click the More menu to see a list of available options.

Click SkyDrive in the top-left corner.


Click File Sharing.

The menu will look something like this: Select your SkyDrive account from the dropdown menu.

You’ll see a new screen with a dropdown list of SkyDrive sharing options.

Choose one of the options.


Choose your preferred sharing method.

Select Share from the Share option.

This will give you access to your files, documents and contacts.

If this option isn’t available, it will be because you haven’t selected the SkyShare option.

Select Send to SkyShare.

This gives you access for 30 minutes to send your files to Sky.


Select File and Share options.

You can choose whether you want to add or edit the file.


Select the file or folder you want share.

This is the folder where you’ll put the data from the file you’ve just uploaded to Skydrive.

You should have one file for each file that you uploaded.

If the file isn’t listed, you’ll have to add it manually.


Click Save to save your changes.

This should save your Skydrive file as a new file.


Now you can see how SkyDrive works.

The screen looks something like the one below.

It looks like a Google Drive or Dropbox button, but the picture is slightly different.

If there are any files or folders that you don’t want to share, you can click the Share button and it’ll tell you to delete them.


You’re ready to use SkyDrive from the iPhone, Android or iPad.

If your device isn’t on the list, just tap File and share.

If Skype’s screen is showing a green box, you’ve got a free option.

If its not, tap the Share or Delete button.


If that’s not the case, try the Share and Delete button again.

The picture will look similar, but there are fewer choices.

The green box in the image will show you the file’s path, and if there’s a folder that you want shared, you have to choose that option as well.


The icon in the right-hand corner of the screen shows the file sharing options you’ve selected.

Tap on that icon to share the file to Sky Drive.

You might also be able to tap on the Share icon next to it to add a new folder to Sky’s SkyDrive folder.


Once you’ve added a new Sky Drive folder, the Share/Delete button will disappear.

The SkyDrive screen will now show you all the files and folder on your device, including the files that you’ve uploaded.

You could also tap on any of the files you’ve created in the past and then drag them to the share icon next, and they’ll appear as a folder.


Click on the file that’s being shared and you’ll be taken to the Skyshare screen.

Tap the Share to send the file from your computer to Sky drive.

The file will be saved to your Sky Drive account.


Click OK to close the Share screen.


Once the file is added, you will see a pop-up window like the image below.

You need to select the file as your sharing option.


You will see the file size and file location details.

The image below shows the details for the file in the Skydrive folder.

Click to enlarge.


The sharing screen is a little slow in Australia, but if you’re using a mobile phone, you might be able it to load quickly.

Clicking the Share link will take you to the file location screen, which is the same one you’ll see when you open the file directly from Skydrive, but with the file selected.


Once it’s opened, you get a message that looks something similar to the image above.

The screenshot shows you that the file has already been uploaded to the account.


You have 30 minutes before SkyShare will delete the file and send it to the recipient’s Skydrive account.


You may have noticed that you can’t click the Upload button.

To make the file available, you need to use an app called SkyDrive Copy.

The program works

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