The Big lie: Apple’s deal to sell Beats to Apple for $7 billion is a total fraud.

 And it’s one that Apple itself has admitted to, as part of the settlement it reached with the US government for $1 billion.

The settlement is the latest salvo in a decade-long battle between Apple and the US Justice Department over the legality of the deal, which took place in September 2016.

Apple’s attorney, David Drummond, has been representing the company, arguing that the US should have known about the deal before it was signed, but the company has said it did not know.

Apple also argued that the deal would have no effect on its future product development, which was already underway.

The deal, however, was a total scam.

Apple was never told it would be sold to Google, Apple said in a court filing.

It had only been informed about the purchase by a third party in December 2016.

That third party was not Apple, Drummond said, but Google, which paid Apple $8 billion for the device.

“The court agrees with Apple that Google never informed Apple that it would become a part of Google,” Drummond wrote in the court filing last month.

“Nor does Apple believe that Google’s use of the terms of the agreement to negotiate the sale of Apple to Google was deliberate or that Google intentionally misled Apple,” Drummonds added.

The company said it never signed the deal to acquire Beats.

Instead, Apple acquired the company after a series of “misstatements and misrepresentations” to Apple about the nature of the sale, according to the filing.

“At no time did Apple intentionally deceive Apple about its intent to purchase Beats, nor did Apple make any representations that the acquisition would result in the acquisition of any product from Beats or any other Apple affiliate,” the filing said.

Apple said it has “no knowledge” of Google’s sales pitch to Apple.

The company has been accused of being a middleman between Google and Apple, which Apple said was not a fact.

Apple, which filed a lawsuit in April over Google’s sale of Google Now to Microsoft, also said the deal did not benefit Apple.

Apple “does not have any knowledge of any discussions between Google or Apple regarding the sale or use of Beats by Google,” the company said in its lawsuit.

The US Justice Dept. also said in court documents that Apple had a “significant role” in negotiating the deal and that it “never knew of the specific agreement with Google.”

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