The tech giant’s move to buy Apple’s iPhones will come as Apple looks to bring a version of its iPad operating system to the masses, according to Axios. 

The Wall Street Journal first reported on the deal. 

According to the article, GE’s acquisition will help make the iPad more of a home-grown option, not a product for consumers to buy directly from Apple. 

While Apple has said it plans to ship the iPad to customers in 2019, it’s unclear how quickly the tablet will be able to compete with the iPhone. 

Apple is expected to sell a total of about 5 million iPhones a year through 2021, according the Journal. 

Despite the company’s new focus on selling to businesses, it seems like it’s not quite ready to make the switch to the iPhone as quickly as other major tech companies have done in recent years.

The move to invest in Apple’s products is part of a broader push by GE to focus on a more mainstream approach to its business. 

GE also said it will use its technology to develop products that it hopes to sell through the iRobot retail division, according an Axios story. 

GM will use the technology to help GMers in areas like robotics and automation. 

Earlier this month, Apple also confirmed that it was planning to release a version, expected to be called the Apple Watch, in 2019. 

“The Apple Watch is the most anticipated smartwatch of our lifetime, and we’re thrilled to join forces with Apple to bring its next great innovation to market,” John Chambers, GM’s vice president of consumer technology, said in a statement.

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